Yazep Drozdovich. Faraway country. Fragment.

Yazep Drozdovich. "Faraway country". 1933. Fragment.

Yazep Drozdovich. Faraway country.

Yazep Drozdovich. "Faraway country". 1933.

Human and Museum: ICOM Belarus digest

This is the program of monthly open meetings of current, ex and would-be members of ICOM Belarus. Meetings are holding jointly with TUT.by Gallery. The program “Human and Museum: ICOM Belarus digest” was launched on 1st February 2017 when the first meeting had been held.

The program aims at:

  • regular communications within the professional museum community of Belarus
  • offline interactions with the Belarusian museum community interested in cooperation

Discussions about:

  • Global ICOM news,
  • ICOM Belarus news,
  • colleagues’ messages on issues museums are facing,
  • contact information and counselling.

How to participate:

  • Registration via email [email protected]
  • Mail us your keynotes to consider and request to speak at meeting to email mentioned above or via contact us on the website.